Customer offer

Players and Ladder Managers

Stairways meets the needs of two separate customer groups – the players and the ladder managers. A player is a private individual or a team who has signed up for a ladder in order to participate in the ladder’s activity. A ladder manager is typically an organization – sports club, company, employer, pub etc - which provides a ladder to its members, customers, employees etc.


As a Player you can sign up for and participate in any ladder activity of your choice. Search for a ladder nearby or search for your favorite activity. After joining a ladder you can challenge or be challenged by other participants, report challenge results, view your ranking information, invite people to join the ladder or share results on Facebook.

If you cannot find a suitable ladder, create one of your own.

Ladder Manager

The Ladder Manager is typically a sports club, a major employer, an establishment such as a billiard room, pub, restaurant or bowling alley, an educational institution or any other organization that has an interest in adding extra value to its customers or members.

The Ladder Manager can create a ladder uniquely designed to support the Ladder Manager’s core activity. Features when creating the ladder include choice of name, defining geographical region, describing the ladder, setting parameters to open the ladder to everyone or only to closed groups, defining challenge time, challenge interval and response time, upload screen background and logotype for branding purposes. For an existing ladder the Ladder Manager can change settings, invite Players, accept or reject Players, communicate with Players, engage in marketing activities on social media.

The Stairways App

To enroll as a player or ladder manager you need the Stairways app. The basic version – Stairways – includes all the functionality you need to create, support and participate in a ladder. Extended versions of Stairways exists for players as well as for ladder managers, with additional functionality depending on needs and preferences.