Ladder Managers

Stairways includes all the basic functionality you need to participate in or create a ladder. Search for a ladder in lists or by category, challenge or be challenged by other participants, report challenge results, view your ranking information, invite people to join the ladder or share results on Facebook. If you cannot find a suitable ladder, create one of your own. When creating your own ladder you are automatically assigned the role as Ladder Manager, in addition to your role as player.  As a Ladder Manager you can design unique features of your ladder, such as ladder name, activity, ladder description, who can participate and invite people.

As a Ladder Manager you can extend your functionality in two steps for a better customer experience.

  1. The up-grade Stairways Manager Premium, in addition to the basic Stairways functionality, allows you to open up your ladder to all players (particularly interesting if you represent a bowling alley or such), or keep your ladder closed the players of your choice (this option is attractive if you are a sports club or such, and want to limit the participation to club members only). You can also define the number of players you can challenge from one position, the response time allowed for a challenge and the  time span allowed to finalize a challenge. In addition, you can communicate with your ladder players.
  2. The up-grade Stairways Manager Pro, in addition to the Premium version, makes it possible to design your own screen background and also brand your ladder with your own logotype. This creates a very powerful marketing tool for Ladder Managers that want to give their customers or members additional reason to visit their establishment (e g dart ladder for a pub, championship ladders for a sports club).