Rule #1

Stairways is created around the vision that the participating players’ main purpose for participating is to have fun, and while having fun, adding a touch of competition. To ensure that this vision will sustain the Stairways players are asked to embrace an approach of friendly cooperation and mutual agreements, especially with regards to arranging and executing challenges.

Terminology and Guidelines

Response time: Time available for a player to accept a challenge. The default value is 3 days. With upgrade versions, this parameter can be set to any preferred value. If the challenged player neglects to accept the challenge within the response time the challenger will be considered winner of the challenge.

Challenge period: Time available for players to complete a challenge. The default value is 14 days. With upgrade versions, this parameter can be set to any preferred value. If the players fails to complete the challenge within the challenge period the challenger will be considered winner of the challenge.

Challenge interval: Number of positions in a ladder that can be challenged, counting from the challenger. The default value is 3 positions. With upgrade versions, this parameter can be set to any preferred value. If you prefer a ladder where a player can challenge all other players, set the value to zero.

Challenge: It is only possible to challenge one player at a time. A challenge must be completed and reported before it is possible to initiate in a new challenge. It is not possible to challenge a player who is currently engaged in a challenge.

Arrangements: The challenger is responsible for the practical arrangements with regards to the execution of a challenge. This means that the challenger proposes time, place etc for the challenge. Again, agreements on these practicalities should be mutual.

Home court: If the activity naturally implies a ”home or away game” (e g in tennis, squash or badminton where normally a player is a member of a local sports club with its own premises) the challenger by default gets the advantage of choosing place.

Reporting: The victor of a challenge is responsible for reporting the result. This reporting should be completed within two (2) days upon completion of the challenge. If the victor fails to report the result, the challenger is considered winner.

Open/closed ladder: Anyone can participate in an open ladder. In the listing of ladders, just activate the ladder you’re interested in, then tap ”Join ladder” in the next view. If the ladder is defined as a closed ladder, a player needs to apply to the ladder as a first step. This is done in the same view as for the open ladder, except that the menu will show ”Apply to ladder” instead. The application will pop up in the Ladder Manager’s phone as a purple circle in the Ladder Manager menu. In this case, the Ladder Manager proceeds to accept or reject the player’s application in the following pop-up menu.

Termination of ladders: Ladders that for some reason are judged non-active or not complying with the general guidelines of Stairways may be terminated by Stairways. Non-active ladders applies mainly to ladders whose name include the word ”test” or with similar significance, and ladders who do not consist of more than one player. A non-active ladder will not be terminated by Stairways prior to three months after it was created, thus giving the Ladder Manager plenty of time to create, market and evaluate its ladder. Ladders that for obvious reasons are created without serious intentions may be terminated by Stairways any time.