The Stairways service will terminate on September 30th 2015!

The Stairways service will terminate on September 30th 2015. 

The concept of app-driven challenge ladders was very well received by the market – over 250 Stairways ladders were created in more than 15 countries – but still we have to acknowledge that the app in its current form did not attract enough customers. So we have to reconsider our business model. 

Meantime, the app will be taken off the market, and will consequently not function. We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause. 

We thank our customers and partners for all their support along the way. Please contact us if you have constructive comments, ideas or proposals with regards to the future of Stairways.

September 2015

/The Stairways team


Stairways is a smartphone app that triggers your competitive spirit by providing an easy-to-use game ladder.

A game ladder – also known as a sports ladder – is a form of friendly competition where a person through a series of challenges can move upwards in a ”ladder” of any preferred activity. In addition, an organization can provide a uniquely branded ladder to its customers, employees or members.

Stairways thus brings you a new and better way of enjoying this classic idea.


A ladder tournament (also known as a game ladder) is a form of tournament for games and sports. It is an extended tournament, which can potentially go on indefinitely. In a ladder tournament, players are listed as if on the rungs of a ladder.

The objective for a player is to reach the highest rung of the ladder. The tournament proceeds via a system of challenges. Any player can challenge a player above him or her on the ladder. If the lower-placed player wins the match, then the two players swap places on the ladder. Usually, there is a limit as to how many rungs above themselves players may challenge.

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